How does it work??

It’s super easy!

  1. Contact me via messenger or text/call 619-307-1356 (I know it’s a San Diego number, I’m a retired Marine but I live in Yuma, I promise…)
  2. Tell me what you want to rent and schedule a time and location to meet (ex: “I want 3 kayaks for 6 hours at Mittry Lake on Monday at 7am”)
  3. I’ll meet you, drop off your equipment, and pick it up when you’re done!

— Free delivery and pick up in the Yuma area —

$20 for up to 2 hours

$35 for up to 6 hours

$50 for 6+ up to a day

$10 extra for tandem kayak

or text / call 619-307-1356

"Easy to use, super easy to set up. We rented 2 paddleboards which included life jackets and paddles. Awesome service, highly recommended. Looking forward to doing it again!"
Brad Thompson
Marketing manager

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