I don’t know the river, do you provide a guide?

Yes! For $15 we can provide a guide for the river trip. We will take a paddleboard and help you launch, get to the beaches on the way, and pull into the boat launch at the pickup point.

What if I’m not sure of what I’m doing?

Don’t worry! The kayaks and paddleboards are easy to use and we can give you a short instruction period if you want. We want you to feel comfortable and have fun! Plus, the river is very easy, lazy, and shallow.

What are the rental fees?

Kayaks and paddleboards: $20 for 2 hours, $35 for 6 hours, and $50 for a full day.

Tandem kayak: $10 extra per rental period.

Shuttle for 4 people to starting point: $10

Guide on the river: $15

Delivery fee to areas outside the city (Lake Martinez, Squaw Lake, Mittry Lake): $10

What if I don’t have a way to transport a rental?

No problem! We’ve got you covered. For no extra fee we will take your rentals to West Wetlands, Gateway, or Mittry Lake. There is a $10 fee to take and pick up rentals to Martinez Lake, Squaw, or anywhere really far North from Yuma. If you want to just paddle the river, we can take your rentals and meet you at the confluence, and we will pick up the equipment at West Wetlands Park! (See pictures below about launch and pickup points.)

What are the times for each option of paddling the river?

You can meet us at Gateway Park for a short paddle. It takes about an hour to FLOAT that distance. It will likely take you 20-30 minutes to paddle it. However, there is a beach at the end of the run, Centennial Beach, which is a great place to play in the water or have a picnic for the rest of your time!

You can also meet us at the confluence of the Gila and Colorado (also locally known as “sh*t creek”). The Gila route is about 3 1/2 hours to FLOAT with no paddling. At an easy paddle speed with some relaxation periods to just kinda relax and float, the entire distance takes roughly 2 hours. There are several places to beach yourself and swim and take a break. Feel free to bring a cooler and some snacks to eat at the beaches.

You should note that the 2 hour rental period will likely not be enough time to do this route, though the 6 hour rental period is great for having enough time to take breaks and eat a snack on the beach and not feel rushed for time!

Below is the launch site / meetup point for the Gila float.

Where exactly are the launch and pick up points?

No problem! HERE’S a link to a Google map of the launch site at the confluence (sh*t creek). *NOTE* If you have not already been to sh*t creek and/or are unsure of how to get there OR if you only have a car and cannot get all the way out there, I will meet you at the intersection of Hwy 95 and Shannon Way and guide you in to the launch.

The farm roads to the launch site are pretty rough, you will need an SUV, a Jeep, or a pickup truck. A car will likely not make it all the way to the launch. For $10 we can pick you up at West Wetlands and take you to the launch site, 4 people at a time.

If you are planning to meet me actually at sh*t creek, you need to be on the Levee Road on the South of the Colorado, there is NO ACCESS from the North Side of the river


And HERE is a link to the pickup point, either Centennial Beach or the boat launch at West Wetlands Park. All you’ve gotta do is get yourself to shore at either one, and we’ll take it from there!

Where are the beaches on the river that I can relax at?

Here you go! Here is White’s Beach. Here is Centennial Beach, or the end of the route / pickup point.

How do I get back to my vehicle?

Some people choose to have someone pick them up and give them a ride back to the confluence, some people decide they’d rather leave a car at the West Wetlands boat launch first, and then drive up to the confluence so they have a vehicle waiting for them when they’re done floating. It’s up to you! If you decide to park a car at the boat launch so it’s ready for you when you’re done, BE SURE TO BRING THE CAR KEYS WITH YOU ON YOUR FLOAT! (Just trying to look out for you)

Is there an age limit?

No, not necessarily. The Colorado is a lazy, easy river, generally shallow throughout the trip, though there are areas with a current. However, we do not recommend very young children, toddlers, or babies unless you are an avid kayaker or paddleboarder. You should consider the participants swimming abilities, and prepare accordingly with flotation devices. We reserve the right to refuse rental to persons with a situation we deem unsafe. There is a minimum age of 15 years old for the workout class due to the difficulty of the trip.

Do you offer any gear we’ll need?

Yes! We have a US Coast Guard approved life vest for each person that rents at no cost to you (we do not have sizes for children under 50 lbs). We also offer waterproof fanny packs for cell phones and other items, available to rent for $3 each. Paddles are included in your rental.